International Curriculum

Gaikwad Preschool Is an educational partner with Theo Solution Pvt. Ltd. [Theo Kids] in association with NAEYC [New York], CAEYC [California], NZTC [Newzealand], American National Standard Institute & accredited to ANSI [American National Standard Institute]. Our Curriculum is based on Educational Technologies Ltd. [Hong Kong]

Play Group

This is the time of introduction to a new world by getting out of a cozy family nest. Being social and exploring the things around and to satisfy the curious minds is the first developmental stage.


Nursery is the second milestone in the learning process of a three year old child where he starts to learn Alphabet, Numbers, and Environment around him and Colors.

Junior KG

Junior KG curriculum revolves around the child’s fascinating world where he has the curiosity of everything he comes across. The focus is given on the expanding world of a four year old child.

Senior KG

Taking all the learning benefits from Play Group to Junior KG a child improves his ability to understand the depth of knowledge which is being delivered at this stage at this level.

About Us

The Gaikwad Preschool, Aurangabad, Maharashtra is Gaikwad Educational Group’s endeavour to provide Aurangabad with a preschool that aims to impart value education to children from a young age. Empowered with modern technology, infrastructure and skilled teachers, it is a preschool in Aurangabad to reckon with for holistic development of your child.


  • We have a teacher student ratio of 1:20.
  • We have the infrastructure and facilities that enhance the learning process and     help children feel comfortable.
  • There is one to one teacher-student interaction that facilitates bonding between     teacher and student.
  • We have well-trained and experienced staff that contributes to organizational     strength and integrity.
  • We respect students and parents and strive towards making them happy and     satisfied.
  • Every day at Gaikwad Preschool, Aurangabad, Maharashtra brings something new     in its students’ lives.
  • We are transparent about our policies with parents and always value their     feedback.
  • A regular parent-teacher interaction enables us to be a better Preschool in     Aurangabad, Maharashtra.
  • We take pride in imparting value education to our students and we do not leave     any stone unturned for giving our best.
  • Since we have been in the field of education since a decade, we have a very     strong and reliable presence in Aurangabad today.
  • We do not shy away from using the newest and best technology at our disposal     for educational purposes.