The preschool curriculum is based on six core areas namely,

1. Personal, social and emotional development.
2. Knowledge and understanding of the World.
3. Physical Development.
4. Language Communication and Literacy Development.
5. Mathematical Development
6. Creative Development.

Play Group: (Age 2 and 2+)

This is the time of introduction to a new world by getting out of a cozy family nest. Being social and exploring the things around and to satisfy the curious minds is the first developmental stage of a child. Here a child gets exposure to various activities like music, dance, and jungle gym, see saw, block activities, finger puppets and many more….

Development of Motor skills & listening skills, logical as well as reasoning intelligence is the key which is essential to for every child before entering into the Nursery Class.

Nursery: (Age 3 and 3+)

Nursery is the second milestone in the learning process of a three year old child where he starts to learn Alphabet, Numbers, and Environment around him and Colors. Rhymes and stories to improve the vocabulary is the another learning strategy of this course. Ample activities are set for the easy understanding. Teacher’s active involvement for every single topic through group games clubbed with innovative activities helps to encourage the child to learn more willingly and that is the objective of the curriculum. Apart from this every day ground, free play as well as celebrations and competitions are planned time to time.

Junior KG : (Age 4 and 4+)

Junior KG curriculum revolves around the child’s fascinating world where he has the curiosity of everything he comes across. Many questions starts to occur in little minds like the world of animals, transport, people who helps us, things that are categorized as good and bad. The focus is given on the expanding world of a four year old child.

Attention is given on the things which may effect and affect the little ones personality. Number introduction, dealing with new words, Jolly phonics, day to day science, logical games, drawing are the focus points of this curriculum along with it stage opportunities, presentation skills improvement are also the innate part of it. A child gets ready for his confident journey towards the next milestone.

Senior KG : (Age 5 and 5+)

Taking all the learning benefits from Play Group to Junior KG a child improves his ability to understand the depth of knowledge which is being delivered at this stage at this level. He gets guideline on writing skill where he can read and write a sentence on his own. Jolly phonics is the strong base which is being provided right from Play Group to Sr.KG.
A thought process is encouraged by the opportunities given like Joy of speaking (Elocution), small skits, singing (Hindi & English), dancing, role plays as well as reading, group discussions and storytelling. Logical reasoning, dealing with numbers in addition and subtraction and ample activities to improve language skill is the another facet of the Diamond in process. With the help of well studied and scientifically designed curriculum a child gets ready for the next very important phase of the primary education.